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Day 211 | Song: Zion

This song is so mysterious that nobody is quite sure of its actual name. It is usually identified as an Aladdin Sane outtake and may have actually been given a joke name along the lines of “Aladdin Vein.” It may…

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Day 209 | Atomica

I’m posting this song today because it is Hiroshima day, though despite the title and refrain the song really has nothing to do with anything atomic. It is also my sister’s birthday, and she is pretty Atomica! Album: The Next…

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Day 208 | Zeroes

As far as I know, Bowie never covered a Prince song, but this song makes a Prince reference: "And me, my little red corvette has driven by..." Sounds like a lament, vaguely like the line from "Teenage Wildlife," "Same old…

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Day 204 | Underground

This is one of the songs from the Labyrinth Soundtrack that can stand completely on its own without any connection to the movie. I have read that this song counts as “gospel,” which I think is an overstatement, however the…

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