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Day 231 | Big Brother

Aside from "1984" this is the song from the Diamond Dogs album most obviously left over from Bowie's project to make a musical out of the Orwell book (Orwell's widow objected). The album is one of my favorites and I…

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Day 225 | Pepsi Commercial

This hardly counts as a song, but…it actually is.  Bowie reworked “Modern Love” (including embarrassing new lyrics) into a Pepsi commercial and starred with Tina Turner in what is both a television commercial and a short video. Bowie was not…

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Day 224 | Letter to Hermione

Yesterday I posted a song by Bowie’s short-lived late 1960’s folk trio, Feathers, featuring his then-girlfriend Herimone Farthingale.  She was the inspiration of this and other songs.  Yesterday I mentioned “Life on Mars,” but also, “An Occasional Dream.”  For me,…

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Day 223 | Ching A Ling

This is what I believe to be the only recorded song from Bowie's late-60s folk trio, Feathers. The song is forgettable except for a few ancillary features. For one, the female singer is Herimone Farthingale, Bowie's first serious girlfriend (who…

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