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Day 201 | Falling Down

From time to time Bowie would sing backup to the likes of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Mott the Hoople and... Scarlet Johansson. Scarlet Johansson? The actress? Yes. A few years ago she released an album (does anyone remember William Shatner…

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Day 196 | V-2 Schneider

While I appreciate Bowie’s instrumentals, the one thing most of them are missing is Bowie’s voice, which forgive me but is a selling point. This one does not exactly suffer from that problem: he sings the words, ‘V 2 Schneider.”…

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Day 194 | Candidate

I don't think it is a coincidence that Bowie died and then a major party nominated Donald Trump. So far this year I have marked developments in Trump's march to the nomination with songs including "This Is Not America," "I'm…

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