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Day 169 | Baby Universal

This song has some familiar Bowie elements – references to space, the human race as distinct from some other type of intelligence and something vaguely supernatural. It is all thrown together into a mix that I can’t really make much…

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Day 163 | It’s No Game

My very favorite Bowie album, which I guess makes it my favorite album, begins and ends with variants of this song. The initial version is one of Bowie's harshest songs, setting the stage for an intense album.  The closing version…

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Day 162 | Move On

Lodger is not typically thought of as a concept album, but there is certainly a travel theme. This song encapsulates that theme and in the meantime serves as another good demonstration of Bowie's vocal range. Unfortunately I couldn't find a…

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Day 160 | Funtime

Bowie had a long history of collaborating with Iggy Pop dating back to his producing the Stooges' Raw Power. The Bowie influence is especially noticeable on Iggy's The Idiot and Lust for Life. Bowie not only produced, co-wrote and sang…

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