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Day 81 | Heroes Symphony

The Buffalo Philharmonic is performing the music of Bowie tonight and I can't make it! Inspired by that, I'm posting Philip Glass's Symphony based on the music of Bowie's "Heroes," which followed a similar work based on Low. You might…

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Day 80 | I Feel Free

Today is Eric Clapton's birthday, so I'm posting Bowie's version of this Cream song. Clapton sent Bowie a congratulatory note after the release of "Where Are We Now." Bowie wrote back, "Thanks, old sock." And that- "Old Sock" became the…

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Day 78 | Warszawa

This song has nothing to do with Dyngus Day, but it was inspired by Bowie's travel through Warsaw, Poland and the vocal part is either Polish or based on a Polish chant, so... Bowie's lyrics often make no sense. I…

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Day 77 | Word on a Wing

For Easter, the most important Christian holiday, I am posting Bowie's most religious song. This is quite overtly a prayer, in the Augustinian tradition: "Just because I believe, don't mean I don't think as well; Don't have to question everything…

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Day 74 | To Be Love

There's a really good chance you never heard this before. It is a newly released song from 1970. How can that be? How much more music is out there? This song won't make it into future greatest hits albums but…

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Day 72 | Cactus

The Arizona primary is my excuse for posting this song (Arizona makes me think of cactuses). Rather than politics, this Pixies cover is about perverse obsession. Though not an original, it is one of my favorites from the Bowie album…

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