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Day 29 | Station to Station

The albums Diamond Dogs, Station to Station and Blackstar each feature long songs that are actually two songs grafted together. In each case this device is intended, I think, to convey transformation. Candidate/Sweet Thing from Diamond Dogs signaled the transition…

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Day 28 | Starman

Starman has been getting attention lately- it will be featured in an Audie Super Bowl ad. Bernie Sanders played it at his Iowa victory rally. It turns up again and again. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou used Bowie music…

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Day 27 | Fame

There's a good argument to be made that all the troubles we've experienced over the past 40 years are because the entire point of human existence was to get to David Bowie lip-syncing Fame on Soul Train. Having accomplished that,…

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Day 25 | Sorrow

Yesterday I mentioned Bowie's cover album, Pinups. He didn't really claim most of the songs on the album as his own, with the exception of this one, which he'd continue to sing concert for years. Not sure why. It's a…

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