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Day 21 | Quicksand

On the three-week anniversary of Bowie's death I offer what was probably his most depressing, hopeless song. There's only way to make this song any gloomier-- sing it as a duet with Robert Smith. (By the way, I think Rosemary…

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Day 19 | Crystal Japan

I'm posting this song as representative of Bowie's many instrumental songs. I've been listening to a compilation of them as background music, but unlike the other songs on the compilation, Crystal Japan didn't originally appear on any album. It was…

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Day 14 | We Are The Dead

On the second week anniversary of his passing, I'm choosing another death related song in part to answer a request from Susan. This is from Bowie's abandoned project to make a musical out of George Orwell's 1984. The Orwell's widow…

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