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Day 21 | Quicksand

On the three-week anniversary of Bowie's death I offer what was probably his most depressing, hopeless song. There's only way to make this song any gloomier-- sing it as a duet with Robert Smith. (By the way, I think Rosemary…

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Day 19 | Crystal Japan

I'm posting this song as representative of Bowie's many instrumental songs. I've been listening to a compilation of them as background music, but unlike the other songs on the compilation, Crystal Japan didn't originally appear on any album. It was…

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Day 16 | Modern Love

Rolling Stone polled readers on their favorite Bowie videos, songs and deep cuts and from the polls came up with three top ten lists. It isn't clear if they are presented in order, but Modern Love is first on the…

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Day 14 | We Are The Dead

On the second week anniversary of his passing, I'm choosing another death related song in part to answer a request from Susan. This is from Bowie's abandoned project to make a musical out of George Orwell's 1984. The Orwell's widow…

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